The Liberia Marathon – A New Beginning The 2015 Liberia Marathon will take place on Sunday, November 8. Last year, Liberia was battling an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease. This year, it is time for a fresh start, for a new beginning! This year’s race will be a celebration of resurgence, strength and commitment. We will run in memory of the one who lost their lives and in dedication to those who survived


The 2015 Liberia Marathon will be held in honor of those we have lost to the Ebola virus, all those who served on the front lines to ensure that we triumph over the virus and those that have contracted and survived the disease. The Liberia Marathon celebrates survivors of the Ebola virus and calls on everyone to say no to the stigmatization of these heroes and all who served to combat this disease.

We thank you for your continuous support to the Liberia Marathon and apologize for any inconvenience the change in date may cause. We urge the general public to continue to take every precaution to prevent the virus from spreading.