The next Liberia Marathon will take place in August 2015:

Date Coming Soon !!!    

Due to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia this year, we were forced to postpone the 2014 Liberia Marathon.

It was the hope of all in Liberia that Ebola would be eradicated by January. Unfortunately, despite major progress, the epidemic continues to threaten our country. In this light we have decided that the 2015 Liberia Marathon will be held in August 2015. The precise date will be announced shortly. 

This new timing is in keeping with the tradition of the Marathon being held in August to take advantage of cooler temperatures. It also provides adequate time to ensure that Liberia is Ebola-free, guarantee the safety of all participants, and to plan a first-rate event. All registrations for 2014 will remain valid for 2015.

In honor of our HEROES

The 2015 Liberia Marathon will be held in honor of those we have lost to the Ebola virus, all those who served on the front lines to ensure that we triumph over the virus and those that have contracted and survived the disease. The Liberia Marathon celebrates survivors of the Ebola virus and calls on everyone to say no to the stigmatization of these heroes and all who served to combat this disease.

We thank you for your continuous support to the Liberia Marathon and apologize for any inconvenience the change in date may cause. We urge the general public to continue to take every precaution to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Please email to info[at]liberiamarathon[dot]com in case of questions.



On the 28th August 2011 over a thousand Liberians, expatriates and visitors came together to run in the first ever Liberia Marathon and 10km race. Fun runners ran with elite athletes, able-bodied participants next to wheelchair and crutches users. Laymen competed with Mayors, Ministers, Ambassadors and Presidential candidates. There was no class, gender, background or difference – just people united in a spirit of celebration. Staging the first successful marathon in Liberia was no small thing in this remote West African country of 4 million people, which was ravaged by 14 years of civil war from 1989 to 2003. More than 250,000 people were killed and more than one-third were displaced, making for one of the most violent wars the world has ever seen. The story of the marathon is not one of history though; it is a story of emergence and celebration of a country now getting back on its feet.

And this was no one time success: On 25th August 2013, coinciding with the country’s 10 years of peace celebration, the success and excitement from 2011 was repeated and extended. “Liberia, Rising. Together” – under this motto, more than 1,200 athletes, about 1,000 tireless volunteers and thousands, but thousands of spectators lining up on the course to cheer for and applaud the runners turned the Liberia Marathon 2013 in an incredible civic event. A special highlight was the introduction of an electronic chip timing system – for the first time ever in Liberia, all runners were electronically timed and stopwatches were only used as back-up. Even the President ran a short distance in both editions of the race, before deciding her role was best “praying for the other runners” than continuing on.

In 2014, the Liberia Marathon was set to repeat its successes of the past but was unfortunately postponed because of the appearance of the deadly Ebola Virus in Liberia. Now we are preparing to show the world that we are not defeated. We will overcome Ebola. We Will Win.

The marathon is an open, inclusive and uplifting public event in Monrovia that strengthens Liberia’s developing success story and helps transform how Liberians and others see the country. The long term vision is a mass public event, where runners participate for themselves, charity or an organization in an internationally respected annual race that also develops elite distance runners to represent Liberia on the world stage.

The 2015 Liberia Marathon is coming soon. 


The 2015 Liberia Marathon is on!!!   On your Mark!   Get Set! Ready!   2015 here we come!!!



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