Liberia Marathon to be postponed until 25th January, 2015

The Liberia Marathon Trust, the governing body of the Liberia Marathon, announces today that the annual marathon scheduled for 31st August this year will be postponed until 25th January 2015 in light of the current health crisis.

The Liberia Marathon Trust sought and received expert advice from the medical authorities – including the Marathon Medical Committee and members of the Ebola Response Team – and after consulting with key race partners and sponsors a postponement until January 2015 was determined to be in the best interests of the public, the marathon and all stakeholders to ensure a safe event.

The Race Director of the Liberia Marathon, Ms Eunice Dahn, said:

“ We have closely monitored the increase and spread of the Ebola virus, and the tragic loss of life in Liberia and neighboring countries. We are saddened by all the lives lost and extend our deepest sympathies to the victim’s families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

“The rising number of confirmed Ebola related deaths and infections has reached unacceptable levels, and the risk to the marathon participants is too high. This postponement will allow time to deal completely with the crisis and eliminate any risk to participants of the marathon.”

“The safety of runners and staff is our first priority. Everyone associated with the event can rest assured that this postponement will not detract from the impact and value of the event, but protect that value and all involved.”

The marathon organizers stressed that the Race has only been postponed and not cancelled, and all registrations made to date will remain valid. The organizers also announced they will be postponing all training sessions currently ongoing at the SKD Sport Stadium in the interest of public safety. In the mean time, registration for the Marathon will continue at the various registration points.

Ms Dahn added: “We are calling on everyone living in the confines of the country to be cautious and take preventive measures as advised by the Ministry of Health. Stay safe.”

The Liberia Marathon Trust

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On the 28th August 2011 over a thousand Liberians, expatriates and visitors came together to run in the first ever Liberia Marathon and 10km race. Fun runners ran with elite athletes, able-bodied participants next to wheelchair and crutches users. Laymen competed with Mayors, Ministers, Ambassadors and Presidential candidates. There was no class, gender, background or difference – just people united in a spirit of celebration. Staging the first successful marathon in Liberia was no small thing in this remote West African country of 4 million people, which was ravaged by 14 years of civil war from 1989 to 2003. More than 250,000 people were killed and more than one-third were displaced, making for one of the most violent wars the world has ever seen. The story of the marathon is not one of history though; it is a story of emergence and celebration of a country now getting back on its feet.

And this was no one time success: On 25th August 2013, coinciding with the country’s 10 years of peace celebration, the success and excitement from 2011 was repeated and extended. “Liberia, Rising. Together” – under this motto, more than 1,200 athletes, about 1,000 tireless volunteers and thousands, but thousands of spectators lining up on the course to cheer for and applaud the runners turned the Liberia Marathon 2013 in an incredible civic event. A special highlight was the introduction of an electronic chip timing system – for the first time ever in Liberia, all runners were electronically timed and stopwatches were only used as back-up. Even the President ran a short distance in both editions of the race, before deciding her role was best “praying for the other runners” than continuing on.

The marathon is an open, inclusive and uplifting public event in Monrovia that strengthens Liberia’s developing success story and helps transform how Liberians and others see the country. The long term vision is a mass public event, where runners participate for themselves, charity or an organization in an internationally respected annual race that also develops elite distance runners to represent Liberia on the world stage.

The 2014 Liberia Marathon - Take the Lead

The 2014 Liberia Marathon is on!!! This year's edition of the Liberia Marathon is set for the 31st of August!

The one word which best describes Liberia and the Liberia Marathon is: POTENTIAL.

In the spirit of the Liberian Roadmap for reconciliation, Liberia has still to reconcile with its past, address present issues challenging its stability, and collectively re-build the nation for a better and shared future. Liberia’s story of progress and development is not yet complete, nor is the Liberia Marathon’s. The two first editions were made possible thanks to all the volunteers, invaluable partners and sponsors both Liberians and non-Liberians, working together as one to make the Marathon Liberia’s pride.

The 2014 Liberia Marathon will maintain and institutionalize proven success factors, while adding new and innovative elements as drivers of progress. As we are racing again on the 31st of August 2014, the third edition of the Liberia Marathon is expecting more than 2,000 people to participate in the full marathon, the 10k, or the disabled race.

In free trainings leading up to the race, people can find their running buddies and jointly bring out the best in them. So why don’t you TAKE THE LEAD and join the race, either by becoming a volunteer, a sponsor or simply by running this year’s edition.

Running a marathon is a great physical challenge. Because of this, we will be providing a variety of information on training and how to stay healthy during your preparations. Safety is our main concern, as Liberia is a hot, West African climate which makes it a challenging environment for any physical activity.

The registration will officially open at the Liberia Marathon Launch day on the 31st of May. Be quick, register directly at Launch day and benefit from the Liberia Early Bird discount -25% off the regular fee! Afterwards, there will be selected locations where registration continues until shortly before race day.


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